A little about me & September

I started out in my first job as a pick and packer about 4 years ago, it was then I knew I wanted a lot more out of my life. My decision to become a chef wasn’t an easy one to make, I loved having money too much! Giving up my job was tempting me though and so one summers day I took my leave and never looked back.

So it brings me here to my summer holiday 4 years later. I’ve spent a good portion of the summer going over business ideas for myself and I realised one major thing in the process: I’m not ready but I’m going to give it a bloody good go!

My applications to the relevant places have been put in. My food license I waited patiently for has been authorised! Today I was on Facebook and read on the Crafts & Vintage Fair for my local area that a stall was free so I rang up straight away and booked it! I’m so excited! Watch this space, it’ll be in 2 weeks!

Also, I’m going back to college so I’ll post what I get up to and some tutorials if my tutors will allow 😉 but we shall see!


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