Ramen Sushi.

“I missed out on some pictures….because I was drunk as fuck…” – I’ve decided this guy is brilliant and I’ve only read one blog.

The Vulgar Chef


Ramen and sushi go dick in hand. They are meant for each other.

Often they are just paired together…but why not a ramen-sushi fuck orgy?

Basically what I did was replace the boring as fuck regular old sticky white rice with some legit as fuck sticky shitty crushed up ramen noodles. If you cook the living fuck out of ramen (and add some cheese) and let it cool a tad, you end up with some sort of fuckin’ ramen science experiment. Shits all sticky and fucky. You could fill a fuckin pothole with this shit. Solving world problems with a $0.10 package of noodles. Whats up Obama?

I stuffed the sushi with some scallops that I had previously blackened in a hot as all fucks cast iron pan. Tossed in some kimchi (was actually my first time trying this fermented cabbage fuck salad) gave it a final wrap with some…

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