So much pressure!

I think now is a good time to tell you all that I’m extremely useless at blogging! There’s been a lot running through my head about what I can achieve and how capable I am but everything is falling into place. Sometimes I think there just might be a God!

Yesterday I went for an interview with TGI Fridays and I was given a tour of the kitchen. On Monday I’ll be doing a trial shift on the broiler, I’m super excited… and nervous! At the moment I flip burgers, so really I’ll just be doing the same thing but with real food. I work at a fish and chip shop and when I took the job I was told it’d be competitive pay and that they’d train me. Whilst I can’t complain because they do pay competitively, I don’t get trained on the fryers even though I took the job as a chef, madness! I’ve bitten my tongue for long enough I’d like to move on now, fancy being a grill chef though? Would be pretty cool!

More about my cake business, I finally put down a deposit for my table. I also got offered the opportunity to set up a kid’s activity, which I took up straight away! I’ve been thinking a lot about it and I’ve decided to get my mum involved, she’ll help me decorate with the kids. So I’m getting my marketing cap on and I’ve had help from another friend who is in business to make a company design and some posters, it’s actually coming together.

Sneak preview


I suck at being happy for myself because I always expect everything to nose dive into failure! It’s the first hurdle though and a potential learning curve for me. I have my insurance policy now too and feel like an adult trapped in a child’s body honestly! What’s happening to me? I miss youth and freedom! Keep watching this space, I’ll be sharing my cupcakes and ideas with you in the next few days 🙂



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