Vintage Crafts and Arts Fair

Set up

Hello all! It’s Sunday and I’m supposed to be in church but I am so tired. My stall yesterday was successful and I am pleased with the results.

I am really glad I did it, it really was a good move for me. First of all, the children were so happy with the cupcakes they decorated themselves. I must admit, I got a little unnerved at first because the first child exclaimed that he wanted to do a rainbow one… and of course I hadn’t thought for a second that the children would love the idea of the rainbow icing. So my mother bless her, I had her quickly coloring icing for me. People were very keen to know about how I got rainbow icing. I used a dual piping bag but this method is how I learned:

Rainbow butter cream is fairly easy to make but the results make people’s eyes pop. The children in particular were in awe of the frosting which was lovely to see!


Like I was saying the rainbow icing proved popular for the cake decorations part of things so I had my mum make two tone icing and I did a few demonstrations for the kids.

Piping examples

It was interesting watching them decorate some of them really had talent whilst others were more than happy with just a blob of icing and lots of sweeties. Here’s one of the children’s cupcakes, I wish I’d taken photos of them all!

Little girl's cupcake

Next time round I have so much I can improve. My fear factor was that I’d be awful at the baking and decorating, now I’m past that I’ve proved to myself that I’m capable. The lady who runs the event gave me so much good advice about pricing, labeling and making my stall stand out from the rest. Lots to think about, so much stuff to prepare for the next coming event and I’m very excited!


Also, this has been an opportunity to network and get myself known amongst people. I was even asked by another events holder if I would like to do an event in a months time! It’s all looking up for me.

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend,

Tamsin x


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