Life, life… stupid life.

My job is officially left-ish. Except from the part where my supervision and training is needed, so I’ll be finishing work at TGI’s on Friday at 5pm to scram over to my now ex-job for 5.30pm. I think I’ll explode! I’m always happy to help though and it’ll all pay off for both myself and my old bosses.

At the moment it’s all about finding that balance between my own happiness and formalities. Formalities meaning life in general. I love cheffing, I really do but I’m getting older and I want a little more than the hustle and bustle. Ultimately, I think I have to make a real choice between being self-employed and work. However, I need to be making an income first from my business before I actually make any such decisions.

I’ve been having some chats with other another chef I know who runs a kitchen, she is brilliant and has a business head like myself. There’s so many ideas between us and it excites me because it’s only a matter of time before we get ourselves up and moving! I must say I’m really looking forward to life as it goes, just have to wade through the crappy parts right now.

On a more positive note I kind of said I’d share what I made on Production PM at college andddd I lied again! Okay well I didn’t, but my tutor has bunged my picture into a slideshow that is difficult to access and the print screen I did is just crap. So I need to find time to get the original photo and get that shizzay up on here. It’ll happen one day. My dish was a Loin of venison with pithivier of venison, curly kale and glazed artichokes. So just imagine it in your head ;)… mwaha I’m such an awful blogger!!!

I’ll paint a wee picture for you to make up for it: I got to mess around with the sous vide method of cooking which means “under vacuum” in French. It basically involves cooking meat without direct moisture or heat coming in contact with the food. Usually you would use a water bath at about 50 degrees celcius or so. Our Sous Vide machine at the college was broken so I used a convection oven on steam at 48 degrees for an hour and a half. The effect is that the meat looks raw but actually isn’t, instead it’s beautifully cooked but rare.  Then to serve, I portioned the loin and pan fried it to give the outside colour so it doesn’t look raw. Thank God for google, eh? I found a perfect example:

This obviously isn’t mine haha 😉 maybe one day!



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