Kidney is my favourite smell


Today I was trying to eat rice and every time I lifted the fork to my face all I could smell is the pungency of good old Lamb livers.

Who am I kidding? I actually don’t particularly mind. These delicate little kidneys are for the PM kitchen tonight which I was made responsible for today and I gather it’ll be going with more lamb. This week I’m in the larder so I’ll smell like raw meat and fish for the next two days, be-a-utiful! Larder is actually my favourite kitchen, I’m not quite sure what I like about it but it has taught me so much.

I sliced the kidneys I got from the back and butterflied them open, the hard piece of fat inside I simply cut away with scissors. As they are going to be grilled I have to keep them from curling back into shape by using a cocktail stick to make what admittedly looks like something I wont mention, so I’ll say a doughnut.

Similarly we use the same method for presentation purposes with fillets of fish. These are paupiettes of plaice filled with mousse and to keep the fish from unfolding during we use cocktail sticks to hold their beautiful shape, these are Katie’s, bless her, she had a fair amount to do.

I can’t say it’s my favourite job simply because it takes time and it is messy, then again I might choose these over kidneys next time. Every letter I type, the waft of it rises up a little to hit me, ew.

I did wash my hands by the way. There is only so much washing you can do though or you’ll end up with hands like Lady Macbeth.

Top tip: Lemon juice is brilliant for removing bad smells from your hands even for real pungent things like garlic or ginger (I wish I had remembered before I left).

Next door to me the Level 2s are practicing boning, stuffing and rolling joints of meat, this is pork with an apple stuffing nearly ready to braised next door in the AM kitchen.



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