Deluxe Breakfast Rarebit

This bad boy may be a little rich for your liking šŸ˜‰ but if you don’t mind a bit of morning gourmet then you’ll love this. I’ve named it a deluxe rarebit after thinking that an ‘open toastie’ didn’t really fit the bill. My actual intentions were, this morning, to do an English Breakfast with your usual sausage, eggs, bacon and beans until things went ‘tits up’.

Originally IĀ went for making a cheesy omelette with sausages and bacon in it, first of all I forgot to fry off the bacon and second of all after addingĀ baked beans to my eggs; I found the eggs were too sloppy for an omelette. Hence the ‘rarebit’ aspect to it. This was actually made for my mum who demanded I make breakfast, so I added chilli powder to it because she likes her food hot and spicy.

Recipe (for 1):

1-2 slices of bread (I recommend seeded because it’s a lovely texture and high in fibre!)

For omelette-

2 cooked sausages

2 eggs

1/3 tin of baked beans

10-20g cheese (I used mature cheddar)

OPTIONAL- 1-2 tsps of hot chilli powder (cayenne pepper)

For topping-

2 bacon rashers

a handful of grated cheese


1. Preheat your grill or oven whichever you prefer to use

2. Fry sausages on a medium heatĀ for 20 minutes allowing them to become golden brown all over.

3. Mix the eggs, baked beans and cheese with some seasoning.

4. When sausages are cooked, take them out of the pan onto a chopping board and cut in half

5. Put the rashers of bacon in the grill and toast your slices of bread

6. ReturnĀ the sausages to pan with the egg mix and cook through until egg is set, note it may be a little juicy looking because of the tomato sauce in the beans so may appear uncooked a little.

7. Don’t forget about the bacon! When lovely and cooked (pink or near-burnt… however you like it!) Put aside just to stop it cooking any further.

8. Butter your toast and spoon on your cooked egg. Lay the bacon on top of your egg and sprinkle the cheese over it, then flash your toast under the grill just until the cheese melts.

9. Et voila, you have a deluxe rarebit. Plate it up and eat your heart out.


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