Sunday Night Dinner

What happens when two chefs go out for a “few drinks”? Well a few things:

  1.  You have an awesome time!
  2.  One person always gets too drunk
  3.  The least hungover chef has to cook the next day

Can you guess who ended up being the most sober?

About an hour and a half prep time in the kitchen wasn’t anything with a little music to liven things up, yeah I like to boogie and cook 😉 I even thought I’d be fancy and turn my carrots. To be honest, I didn’t know what else to do with them as I didn’t have a peeler at my mate’s either so turning them killed two birds with one stone really.

Roast chicken calls for lovely subtle accompaniments so I shredded white cabbage, onions and leeks sweated them in butter and then simmered them until soft in milk with garlic. I did also put broccoli in there too but I didn’t want them to overcook or go brown so I added them after I put the milk in and brought it up to boil. The milk didn’t quite thicken like I wanted it to so I decided instead of wasting it, to add cubed pieces of bread to make a bread sauce which I flavoured with a touch of cinnamon (or you can use nutmeg).

My roast tatties which I’ll call “Rustic Potatoes” aren’t rustic at all, in fact it’s just my way of saying “I really can’t be asked to peel these”. Although, in my opinion the less waste you can get out of something the better, so why peel a potato when the skin is the best part nutritionally anyway?

The best method so far I’ve come across to get fluffy but crispy roast potatoes is to parboil them first for at least 10 mins and then to crisp them up in the oven on a high heat in hot fat and well salted. I recommend beef or goose dripping although they are fattening, the taste is out of this world.

And the chicken? Don’t thank me, thank ASDA. My mate picked up a chicken you can roast in a bag, it was full of water (can’t expect much else) but the chicken was lovely and moist. We should have had some gravy with this but we were hungry, so hungry! The extra mile wasn’t taken today I’m afraid 😉


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