Up to our elbows in chocolate

Blogging isn’t easy to do on the road but I’m going to try because I miss it.

The last 2 weeks has mainly consisted of eating and messing my chef whites up with chocolate. As I mentioned in another blog, us level 3s are learning about petit fours so we will be making lots of our own chocolates, macaroons and doing lots of sugar boiling.

Our tutor demonstrated making moulded chocolates.


Hers were milk chocolate and drambuie ganashe which were nice but I couldn’t  eat a lot of. I also love that she painted gold into the mould they really look like chocolates you would buy in a gift box.

She also made white chocolate and lemon truffles which she asked me to finish off with tempered white chocolate.



Again, lemon and white chocolate isn’t exactly my cup of tea but they still look good and taste amazing.

I made my own moulded chocolates and went for Cointreau and milk chocolate.


I love chocolate orange and so the alcohol is a bonus I guess šŸ˜‰ the little ovals on top were supposed to be an orange colour but turned out red… oh well.


Late last week we made own chocolate garnishes for our evening desserts. Katie’s are the blue splattered ones and mine are the light purple streaked. Making these were fairly simple, except me and chocolate have a love hate relationship as I always seem to make a huge mess with it.


Chocolate dipped strawberries were nice and easy to do, also mess free.


They also look great as petit fours on a plate. Sometimes I wish I was the customer.


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