Stalls Glorious Stalls!

I’ve set a last date for my cupcake stalls which will be mid November now. For my finale, I’ll be making cookies and a few cupcakes, this time for Christmas decorations.

You may be wondering what’s making me stop.

The facts are:

  • It’s been nice to do but somewhat not entirely profitable all the time
  • I want to go bigger and start my own business properly now, I’ve making plans to buy a cafe or a shop if money and time allows

I recognise my age and how many of you must be thinking “yeah right”, but I’m so determined now it’s unreal.

At the moment I’m doing my market research and planning. Hopefully when I’ve drawn up my full plans I can start looking for an Investment Angel or just start saving my own money towards a place… but we shall see it’s all luck from here.

Anyway, this is a throwback to Olney at the beginning of the month. Olney is a lovely little village with lots of middle class people in it, but it is SOOOOO quiet!!!












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