Why it’s important to eat Game meat

Hey there, it’s been a while hasn’t it?

My blog today is not intended to have shock value (I promise!) but to share a little something controversial: eating Game meat.

Game meat is simply meat from any animal or bird which is wild. So why don’t we really like eating it?


Firstly, the taste is strong and quite distinctive. Second, I believe the supermarket culture has influenced people to think that if meat isn’t bred in a factory it isn’t “okay to eat”. Many people are poorly informed about traceability of food. Some may think it is cruel to eat deer, shoot rabbit or eat pigeon but what many of us don’t consider is how sustainable and humane culling is in comparison to the massive slaughterhouses that breed pigs, cows, chickens, etc.

More and more we are looking towards improving longevity and health, also how we can stop cruelty to animals and this is where I think Game meat is a good alternative to manufacturing meat.


  • Game is free-range. Wild animals migrate and move about freely eating what they choose and not what they are fed.
  • Wild meat is high in nutrients and minerals that you will not find in farm bred meat. Selenium which is  present in game is good for the maintenance and restoration of skin, hair and nails. Which is why cosmetic manufacturers use it in shampoos and other products.
  • You’ll be pleased to know it is also low in fat and very lean


Did you know that we run over more deer per year in the UK than we actually cull and eat? I find it sad that the majority of people would rather see an animal ran over than eaten simply because they don’t want to feel like they are eating Bambi… which is kind of understandable when you put it like that.

Should we force ourselves to enjoy meat we don’t like? No of course not, but we should think out of the box a little bit more in terms of eating sustainably.


It may shock you if I told you that this squirrel has been brought in to us for larder preparation alongside a deer with it’s head on. This brings many reactions, some people will be appalled, some people may be indifferent or even curious about what it’d be like to eat.

My opinion is that there is a lot health benefits in eating wild meat. Not only that but I do care about animals and nothing makes me sick like knowing that most of my meat comes from a place where the animals never see day light or graze on fresh grass. Nothing says organic like actually getting food from it’s natural source and habitat.





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