Business as usual

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I did my last stall of the year a fortnight ago and it went well as it always does, slow but successful. I’ve changed the way I operate, obviously a businesswoman never tells her secrets but all I’ll say is I didn’t do prep at home this time. Instead I chose to do some cupcake decorating whilst I was sat waiting for customers. They aren’t that good but I thought my Santa Claus, Christmas tree and Rudolph looked so cute. When I was closing my stall I gave away the cupcakes to some children who were rather impressed.

However with 2015 underway I have to change my game up a lot, I don’t just want to do stalls anymore in fact I want to start developing some of my products and services into something a little bit more lucrative. Planning is the key! Business issues aside, I have a great feeling about next year that I will see a lot of change in my life.

Recently I completed my personal statement and sent off my application to all of my university choices: University College Birmingham, University of West London, University of Derby/Buxton and Sheffield Hallam University. Amazingly, I have responses from all of my choices one of which is an unconditional offer and the other 3 are conditional which is great news.

As I already explained, I am mature student in my third and final year of catering. For me this means a lot, I haven’t had a lot of success in my life up until this point. Even nicer is that I don’t really need anybody to tell me I’ve done well because I feel like I have. No more beating myself up about my past failings…  wonderful.

The next step is attending Open Days at all of my university choices and thinking about which are suitable to my needs. It’s overwhelming just thinking about all the travelling and walking around that I will have to do, but it has to be done so I can sort accommodation out and all that drivel.

In the mean time I am enjoying the start of a new relationship with somebody special and my belly is enjoying the great food produced in the Brassiere at college, last time I went in for lunch I had Pork Belly for my main course and Lemon soufflé for dessert, it was delicious.



I am working on my blog constantly. Admittedly I don’t always have things to write but I am gathering content and material of interest so when I do have the time I can have a field day writing about my cheffing adventures! So you may see a little less of my blogs as the year goes on but of course my education is my priority, but I also love writing so I’ll attempt to keep it up.

So until next time…


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