Everything and nothing


I had a great Christmas with my family, boyfriend and friends. It was also really nice to have a breather from college and just cook when I choose to cook!

Christmas dinner was lovely, I never got the opportunity to take a photo of the finished product because I was busy running around trying to get everything ready at the same time but never mind here’s my dainty plate of leftovers from the next day.


I have been experimenting with food recently and my boyfriend hasn’t turned his nose up at anything yet which is a good sign … oh except for the partridge and pheasant curry which he said was just okay! I was not happy. Apparently it would have been better freshly made, and I agree but sometimes you just want to eat hassle free, you know??


I thought it was delicious and it was easy to make too (mostly because I cheated and used a jar of butter curry from Tesco). I just gave it a bit of all-spice seasoning and it was lovely.

Sometimes it’s nice not cook fancy things when you’re a chef. In fact, McDonalds is probably every chef’s favourite place to eat…. mmmmm McDonalds.

Now I am back at college doing Pastry and Bakery skills for two weeks, it is already so much fun but stress at the same time. I swear it has been a week full of screwing up anything and everything  imaginable. However, our class has produced some lovely desserts this week.







Credits to Hannah and George because we are just the dream team also, Tasha and Sam for the Berry Roulade (bottom picture), Charlie and Autumn for the Churros (2nd picture from the top) and for helping me dip Strawberries and Grapes into boiling hot sugar!


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