I didn’t expect this…

I’ve now chosen a university, I wont say which one as tomorrow’s blog will tell you all about it.

This blog is about my trip to Buxton University… there isn’t much to tell. Buxton is like the most remote place you could ever want to go to university!

Living in the midlands (middle of England/middle Earth…lol) means that you get very mild weather and the fierciest weather we experience are gales which at most will sweep the chimney off your roof or knock down whole brick walls… that’s life hardly Hurricane Katrina (excuse the poor comparison).

Anyway, Buxton is 3 hours away from where I live, so naturally I took the opportunity to nap in the back of the car since we departed at 5.30 am!

I woke up at 9 am to lovely sunny weather in a small village.

Travelling and things...

Then we followed the Satnav up a street out of the village and then the scenery looked more like this.

Travelling and things...

5 minutes later….

Travelling and things...

Another 5 minutes later….

Travelling and things...


So basically, a long story short, sorry Buxton but nooooooo wayyyyyyy!


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