I have chosen!!

So it’s official, I have received and accepted my offer from Sheffield Hallam University for Hospitality Management with Culinary Arts. Part of me is like YAY!!!! and the other part is like “AHHHH! What am I getting myself into?”.

Being a mature student is hard work some days, but have I benefited from it? Yes. Do I want to go back in a time machine to scream at my younger self to get my butt into gear? Hell yes. I suppose when you think of the time you could have saved yourself, it’s bloody annoying and yet I just think… You Only Live Once. So f**k it.

Travelling and things...

Travelling and things...

Travelling and things...

I’m not going to lie, Sheffield Hallam is a wee bit of a monstrosity but it’s so modern and technical, a proper business school.

A hipster by nature I was instantly drawn to the amount of coffee shops, restaurants and quaint pubs around.

Travelling and things...

Travelling and things...

Sheffield is known for it’s steel and across the road from the uni is an interesting gallery full of hand crafted pieces from various periods. My favourite part of the gallery is the botanical gardens at the end which people just seem to hang out in casually. Also this crafted statue of the plant from ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ which is awesome…

Travelling and things...

A big plus of Sheffield is that my parents seemed to like it too because it’s ‘somewhere to visit’ as my mother said.

Travelling and things...

They do look pretty chuffed 😉

Travelling and things...

I’m chuffed too 🙂 Sheffield looks and feels like a great place to live and socialise in so here’s to 4 more months of anticipation. I will be finished college in a month and I’m going to miss the mentoring of my tutors, it’s going to be so weird. But I here’s baby Tamsin growing up and onwards, out of diapers into pants… blah blah blah. We can only wait and see.


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