I probably haven’t even mentioned that I have a new job, but… I have a new job!

Transitioning between having a comfortable job where I got to be part of a small team and had interactions with the customer to a full-on hotel with Weddings, Banquets and Barbeques is a big move for me. One minute you’re serving fish and chips and the next you’re making 4-star 1 rosette quality food, it’s quite a leap but I’m getting stuck in.

Initially, I went to Kettering Park Hotel with strict intentions to do some work experience and learn about preparing banquets and buffets. In the end I came out with a job offer I found hard to refuse, so here I am.

I’ve now been working for the hotel a little over a month and it seems like I’m going to end up being a pastry chef a lot of the time I’m there. When I’m not needed so much I guess I’ll be a floater… hehe, floater! 😉

Highlights of the job so far? Not many, except the staff are nice and I’ve already got to show-off my piping skills :p

Findley and Evie, you are welcome 😉


For the most part it’s all been banquets and buffets, a lot of making plates look the same…


Or plating up desserts at the speed of superwoman… and my god isn’t that the truth. I’m hearing a lot of “Tamsin! Have you a got a minute?” far too much already.


I joke though, I do love it and wouldn’t change it for the world. It’s a damn shame I’m going to uni.


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